Lusofonia Oslo

Lusofonia Oslo

Lusofonia Oslo

Kunde: Lusofonia Oslo er en forening av/for de som bor i Oslo og kommer fra en av de 9 portugisiskspråklige landene.

Prosjekt: Designprofil for Lusofonia Oslo. Logo og visuelt identitet.

PortNor Bygg

PortNor Bygg

PortNor Bygg

Kunde: PortNor Bygg AS

Prosjekt: PortNor er en byggeselskap med ca. 150 ansatte eid av to portugisiske partnere. Jeg jobbet med navneutvikling, laget visuelt identitet, nettsiden og flere trykke og digitale saker.


Verdens Beste

Verdens beste

Client: Bjølsen skoles kulturforum / Gro Røde

Project: Verdens Beste fra Bjølsen Skole

new logo for the app now named Rund


Rund app

Client: Stempl is a mobile loyalty app which evolves the basic principle of stampcards into a sales driver for stores. Promotional mechanisms are added allowing businesses to attract new customers and draw them into long term loyalty relationships.

Project: The second part of the project was a rebranding of the app, a new name was choosed and I created a new logo for the app now named Rund.

Madeira merchandising


madeira merchandising

Client: Saída, touristic and cultural merchandising

Project: Touristic merchandising line for the Madeira Island. The whole line is based on icons, some of them designed by me, making the silhouette of the main island.



Gay Pride Lisboa

Client: Gay Pride Lisboa organization

Project: For the second time I was invited by the organization to design the grafic layout of all the advertising rearding the parade in Lisbon.

Espiral da Primavera logo


Espiral da Primavera

Client: Espiral da Primavera – cleaning company.

Project: Espiral da primavera is a cleaning company specialized in industrial and retail cleaning who wanted to broad theyr target also to small companies, condominiums and individual clients.
I redesigned of the logo and visual identity, brochures, uniforms, webpage, advertising campain with mobile street advertising.

Logo Twice - record store


Twice Record store

Client:  Twice

Twice is a small store and showroom of second hand music. The project of one passionate person. The main activity is the purchase and sale of vinyl records but it also dedicates part of the space to books on music, design, BD’s art in general as well as various objects.


The cliented wanted a symbol somehow related to the goth world and the fiction of Edgar Alan Poe but also to the city of Lisbon. The two crows are part of Lisbon’s mithology. I helped create the brand name and design the logo and visual identity for the brand. Designed also business cards, several flyers and merchandising.

logo · flyers · business cards · banners

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II


Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Client: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Portugal National Theater)


I was invited to present a proposal for a new website for the theater.
The layout aimed to find the right balance between the history of a centenary institution and his current inovative and experimental dinamics. With this I was also trying to expand the target range, reaching out for the more young public. Also the proposal added several new functionalities to the website that needed a clear and clean layout.

Website layout